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Mustard Powder

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Latin name: Brassica

Plant Family: Brassicaceae (Cruciferae)

Raai, Mohari, Aavalu, Kadugu, Mohair, Sasive, Moutarde, Mostaza, Sinapis, Moutarde, Sénevé, Sarshap.

What is mustard?

Mustard plants are developed everywhere throughout the world. When a huge number of mustard seeds are crushed, they consist mustard powder. Mustard powder can be utilised alone as a spice or added to different fixings to make mustard. Powdered mustard is normally produced using white mustard seed and is frequently called mustard flour.

Culinary uses of mustard powder:

  • Useful for seasoningprepared beans, grill sauces, numerous meat dishes, devilled eggs, succotash and beets.

  • The brown seed is likewise ground with other spices in the preparation of pastes and curry powders.

  • Powdered mustard acts as an emulsifier in the preparation of the salad and mayonnaise.

  • It adds piquancy taste to Sauerkraut and is utilised as a part of marinades.

  • Powdered mustard goes well with veal sausages like Bratwurst.

  • Mixed with vinegar, delivering a crunchy, hot mustard that livens up bland food.

Mustard powder health benefits:

  • Mustard oil and powdered Mustard ensure against Listeria, E. Coli, andStaphylococcus aureus.

  • Mustard has been prescribed forsnake bites and scorpion stings, toothache, epilepsy, bruises, stiff neck, colic and respiratory troubles, rheumatism.

  • Relief from pains in muscles, ringworm, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and respiratory issue.

  • The mustard powder contains generous measures of solid phytonutrients which can demonstrate profitable against different tumours, for example, bladder malignancy, colon and cervical malignancy.

  • Promotes clearer appearance dermatitis and acne.

  • Help in cleaningprocess of the body in harming causedby alcohol and narcotics.

Interesting facts:

  • Mustard is one of the world's most ancient flavours and oldest known fixings.

Methods of farming/ producing product:

Mustard is herbaceous yearly plants developed for their seeds which are utilised as a spice. Mustard plants are thin herbaceous herbs with yellow blossoms and originate in the Europe’s temperate regions. Mustard powder is produced using the seed with the bran removed. It is like wheat flour and around 70% of white mustard is produced using seed instead of flour. Mustard powder from the yellow seed is generallyutilised as a part of mayonnaise.

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Mustard Powder

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