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Mixed Spice

What is Mixed spice?

Blended spice, additionally called pudding spice, is a British mix of sweet flavours, like garam masala. Allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger are the typical mix of spices, however,some cooks prefer including a few cardamom and coriander seeds. It is frequently used to sweet food or supplement fruits.

Culinary uses of Mixed spice:

  • Great in biscuits and fruit cakes.

  • Sprinkling ground mixed spice into apple pies, stewed fruits and fruit crumbles to give additional flavour.

  • It's great for making Yorkshire Puddings

  • Used in puddings, cakes and biscuits or when poaching dried or fresh fruits.

  • Mixed spice is found in numerous conventional British recipes, especially Christmas pudding, Christmas cakes, Hot Cross Buns and gingerbread.

  • Essential for plum pudding, fruit cakes, and hot cross buns, mixed zest is an awesome addition to other fruity sweet, for example, crumbles, apple pie and compotes.

  • Add to jam and pickles.

Mixed spice health benefits:

  • Mixed spice settles your stomach and it advances digestion.

  • Mixed spice is known to incorporate ahighconcentration of antioxidant.

  • It eases vomiting and sickness.

  • May decrease the level of cholesterol, glucose, and triglyceridefor about 20%.

  • Mixed spice kills intestinal parasites and exhibits broadantimicrobial properties against bacteria and fungi.

  • Mixedspice is especially helpful in infantile diarrhoea, because of its mild astringency.

  • Mixed spice can be utilised to settle a nauseous stomach (antispasmodic).

Interesting facts:

  • The term mixed spiceappears in the cooking books in 1882 and this spice was probably used earlier.

Methods of farming/ producing product:

Mixed Spice is a mix of a few flavours, includingcoriander seed, cinnamon, nutmeg, caraway, cloves andginger. Mixed Spice has a spicy, warm and sweet flavour and aroma.

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