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Mixed Herbs

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What are mixed herbs blend?

Mixed herbs is a blend of various dried herbs, without expecting to measure out each individual amounts. Mixed herbs convey a wonderfully balanced herb flavour to improve thetaste of any dish.

Culinary uses of themixed herbs blend:

  • Mixed herbs mix is used as a part of casseroles and tomato based sauces.

  • Sprinkled on roast or fresh vegetables.

  • Sprinkled on bread or combined with oil for a marinade.

  • Used to season meat and roast before grilling.

  • Adding to stews or to savoury mince for a delicious shepherd's pie.

  • Stir into pasta and Bolognese sauces.

  • Sprinkle overmushrooms with a little garlic and ground cheese before grilling.

Mixed herbs blend health benefits:

  • A jar of blended herbs ordinarily contains marjoram, basil, thyme and oregano, each of which has large amounts of healthy ingredients.

  • Mixed herbs mix is rich in minerals and in vitamins, natural antibiotics and chlorophyll.

  • Most herbs protect LDL cholesterol from being oxidised, inhibit the development of blood clumps, and give help in providing antitumour and anti-inflammatory activity.

  • Many herbs have profitable alkalizing benefits required for the body.

  • Stimulate the sensory system and enhancing memory.

  • Mixed herbshelp in digestion, strengthen the immune system and also contain pain-relieving properties.

Interesting facts:

  • The herb Thyme, one of the main ingredient of the Mixed Herb mix have been utilised by the ancient Egyptians in the preservation procedure of the mummies, while the other main ingredient Rosemary have been generally scattered on the grave to demonstrate that the family member would not be forgotten.

Methods of farming/ producing product:

A great combination of basil, dried oregano, thyme, marjoram and rosemary are the ideal ingredients for mixed herbs blend. After the collecting, sorting and drying on the Sun, the herbs usually are mixed by hand.

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Mixed Herbs

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