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Lime Essential Oil

Inci: Citrus Aurantifolia. 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

  • Lime essential oil has a tart, yet sweet citrus smell that energizes and invigorates

  • It offers many of the same benefits as lemon

  • It improves circulation which can soothe sore tired muscles and pain from arthritis and rheumatism

According to old folklore, lime had the ability to cleanse and renew one’s mind and spirit, likely because this essential oil offers up a sweet, but tart citrus peel scent that instantly energizes. Use in a diffuser or oil burner to boost energy levels and fight fatigue as this is the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling tired or down, or even suffering from jet lag. Like lemon, lime is also soothing for an irritated throat and able to help relieve cough and congestion. Those who suffer from sore muscles or the pain of arthritis or rheumatism can also benefit from lime, which improves circulation when applied to the skin either in a cream or lotion, massage oil, or a hot or cold compress.

Blends beautifully with:

Clary sage, lavender, nutmeg, rosemary, and vanilla

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