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Lemon Pepper

What is lemon pepper?

Lemon Pepper seasoning is an exemplary flavour that was initially utilised primarily as a spice for fish and seafood. This lemon pepper flavouring mix also contains the garlic, salt and other different flavours.

Culinary uses of lemon pepper:

  • Originally it was utilised fundamentally for prepared, cooked, barbequed or fried fish and seafood.

  • Sprinkled on fresh pasta.

  • Lemon pepper is anarrangement for seasoning everything from pork and chicken to fish and catfish.

  • Sprinkled on eggs, salads or veggies. Best decision for fried omelettes and eggs.

  • Goes well with all sort of cooked or raw vegetables.

  • Great for duck or turkey breast, apork dish, chops or cutlets and all cuts of veal, particularly stuffed, prepared baked breast.

Lemon pepper health benefits:

  • Lemon pepper drink can help in weights loss.

  • Help in empowering the liver furthermore help in digestion and metabolic activities of the body.

  • Lemon Pepper is additionally rich in antioxidants that give better skin wellbeing and reduce oxidative anxiety caused by free radicals.

  • Drinking lemon pepper in the morning in warm water can help in the purifying and detoxification of the body.

  • Lemon Pepper manages glucose levels in the body.

  • Keeps the body safe from thechronic issue, as both lemon squeeze and pepper are known to enhance immunity.

  • Lemon pepper is an extraordinary wellspring of vitamin C. This vitamin helps build furthermore helps in digestion.

Interesting facts:

  • The name Lemon is said to have gotten from an Asian word for sour fruit.

Methods of farming/ producing product:

This seasoning is made by pounding lemon zest with fresh ground black pepper so that the citrus oil from the lemon becomes mixed with apeppery flavour. Fundamental lemon pepper is frequently made with black pepper, but also peppercorns of various colours can be utilised also. The hand-blendedform contains salt, dark pepper, citrus extract, lemon peel, garlic and minced green onion.

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