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Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Our Jasmine Fragrance oil fills your surroundings with the sweet, intoxicating scent of a blooming jasmine flower as you’d imagine it in an exotic faraway land. You can almost feel the soft petals of the flower against your skin as you take in every luscious note.

This captivating fragrance arouses the senses, making you feel uplifted, happy, and beautiful. Jasmine Fragrance Oil can be used to enhance your surroundings by using in an oil diffuser, atomiser, or in your homemade scented candles, potpourris, and soaps.

Take this alluring scent to a whole other level by blending it with any of our other fragrance oils for a scent that is truly your own. We suggest pairing Jasmine Fragrance Oil with:

Patchouli Fragrance Oil for a woody tone

YlangYlang Fragrance Oil for a floral tone (and a natural aphrodisiac!)

Mandarin Fragrance Oil for a fresh tone

Apricot Fragrance Oil for a fruity tone

Vanilla Fragrance Oil for a sweet tone


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