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Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

If the fragrance of a flower has the ability to bring one true joy, then it’s most definitely that of the honeysuckle. It’s sweet and heady fragrance of the honeysuckle, which is known to intensify as the evening falls, is captured our Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil for you to enjoy it in all its fragrant splendour.

The rich, heady fragrance of the flower is sweet and fruity, though not overpowering. Enjoy our Honeysuckle and other fragrance oils in atomisers and oil diffusers, or add them to your homemade scented candles and soaps.

Though delightful on its own, you can also combine this fragrance oil with others to create a variety of scents to delight the senses. We suggest blending Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil with:

Mango Fragrance Oil for a fruity tone

Vanilla Fragrance Oil for a sweet tone

Rose Fragrance Oil for a floral tone

Lemon Zest Fragrance Oil for a fresh tone

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