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Grapefruit Fragrance Oil

The fresh citrusy scent of our Grapefruit Fragrance Oil is very much the scent you experience when you peel a juicy grapefruit on a warm summer’s day. Its aroma is invigorating and able to pick you up even when sleep fills your eyes.

Our Grapefruit Fragrance Oil is a rejuvenating and versatile scent that can be used in oil diffusers and atomizers on its own or along with other fragrance oils. You can also use our oils to make your richly own scented candles and soaps.

Enjoy experimenting with our fragrance oils to create scents that are uniquely yours. Not sure where to begin? We recommend combining Grapefruit Fragrance Oil with:

Lime Fragrance Oil for an even fresher tone

Thyme Fragrance Oil for a spicy tone

Geranium Fragrance Oil for a floral tone

Pina Colada Fragrance Oil for a sweet tone

Pine Needles Fragrance Oil for a green tone

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