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Grapefruit Essential Oil

Inci: Citrus Paradisi. 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

  • It’s fresh and tangy scent makes Grapefruit essential oil the perfect pick-me-up fragrance

  • It works as a natural toner and purifier, ideal for making your own skin care products

  • Adding to the bath helps to relax tense muscles and joints

It’s no surprise that Grapefruit essential oil has an energizing effect when used in aromatherapy. It’s tangy, citrus scent is invigorating to the senses so that you feel happy and rejuvenated. Grapefruit is great for those mornings when you feel sluggish or even to help with jet lag. Adding it to the bath can also help loosen stiff muscles and joints so you feel better physically and mentally. Grapefruit is a natural toner and purifier that is perfect for making your own skin care products. Dilute with water to clean and tone the skin, or add it to creams and lotions to rejuvenate your skin so that its looks and feels fresh.

Blends beautifully with:

Frankincense, geranium, lavender, and rose

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