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Ginger Biscuit Fragrance Oil

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The sweet, yet spicy, scent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies needn’t be just a Christmastime pleasure! Our Ginger Biscuit Fragrance Oil lets you enjoy the delicious aroma of ginger cookies anytime for surroundings that feel cozy and comforting even when the fairy lights and tree have been long packed away.

Our Ginger Biscuit Fragrance Oil can tickle the senses—and the appetite—by being used in atomisers and oil diffusers. You can also add our fragrance oils to homemade scented candles, soaps, and more.

Like all of our oils, Ginger Biscuit Fragrance Oil can be combined with other scents so you can experiment to your heart’s content. Try blending it with your favourite scents, or one of our suggestions:

Apricot Fragrance oil for a fruity tone

Vanilla Fragrance Oil for a sweet tone

Cinnamon Fragrance Oil for a spicy tone

Lemon Zest Fragrance Oil for a fresh tone

Gardenia Fragrance Oil for a floral tone

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