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Strawberry Fragrance Oil

Our sweet and luscious Strawberry Fragrance Oil satisfies the craving for a fruity summery treat anytime, anyplace. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, fruity, and green notes that are reminiscent of the aroma from a freshly sliced strawberry.

Instantly perk up your surroundings by using this delicious fragrance in oil diffusers or atomisers. Our fragrance oils can also be used when making candles, soaps, and potpourris. Enjoy this wholesome taste of summer anytime of the year!

Having trouble picking just one scent? Then don’t! All of our fragrance oils can be blended in order to create unique scents just for you. Have fun experimenting and coming up with your favourites. We find that Strawberry Fragrance Oil pairs quite nicely with:

Bubble Gum Fragrance Oil for a sweet tone

Mango Fragrance Oil for a fruity tone

Peppermint Fragrance Oil for a fresh tone

Basil Fragrance Oil for a spicy tone

Gardenia Fragrance Oil for a floral tone

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