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Coffee Bean Fragrance Oil

Warm the cockles and awaken the senses with our Coffee Bean Fragrance Oil. This fragrant oil is as invigorating and warming as a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It’s strong and bold, just as a coffee should be.

You’ll love the way the smell of coffee fills your surroundings the way a freshly opened pouch of coffee fills the kitchen when you use Coffee Bean Fragrance Oil in an oil diffuser or atomiser. You’ll find it just as energizing when you make your own scented candles and potpourri, and in homemade soap.

Enjoy experimenting with our fragrance oils by combining them to come up with unique scents. We suggest blending Coffee Bean Fragrance Oil with:

Vanilla Fragrance Oil for a sweet tone

Cinnamon Fragrance Oil for a spicy tone

Peppermint Fragrance Oil for a fresh tone

Black Cherry Fragrance Oil for a fruity tone

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