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Cinnamon Sticks (Cassia)

Latin name: Cinnamomum cassia
Plant Family: Lauraceae
Other names:
Bastard Cinnamon, Canela de Cassia, Canelero Chino, Chinese Cinnamon, Canelle, Cassia Aromaticum, Cassia Bark, Chinese Cassia, Cinnamomum, Cinnamomum cassia , False Cinnamon, Kassiakanel, Keishi , Rou Gui, SthulaTvak, Zimbluten, Taja, Zimtcassie.

What are cinnamon (cassia) sticks?

Cinnamon sticks have more fragile flavour than ground cinnamon and keep fresh for a year if you keep in a hermetically sealed holder. Cinnamon agriculturists first cut the external bark off the trees, and afterwardscut off the inward bark - the cinnamon layer. At the point when cinnamon is dried, it actually twists up into sticks.

Culinary uses of cinnamon (cassia) sticks:

  • Cinnamon sticks can be utilised as a part of curries, stews, rice, soups, pastries or mulled wine.

  • Cinnamon sticks include extraordinary flavour and gives a remarkable smell to prepared products.

  • It is the best for thepreparation of cinnamon stick tea.

  • In sweets like Crème Brûlée, it brings out thepleasant and heady aroma.

  • A stick of cinnamon in soups, stews or Asian curries includes depth and warmth of flavour, especially in chicken or beef curries.

  • Add them whole to dessert, ice creams or in beverages.

  • The cinnamon stick is agood choice in boiling rice.

  • Great for making cocktails and another refreshment.

  • For a perfect mulled wine, the cinnamon stick is strongly required for better taste.

Cinnamon (cassia) sticks health benefits:

  • Cinnamon sticks may even lessen the pain after extreme workouts.

  • Extract of Cinnamon sticks impacts on tumour cells.

  • Reduce glucose levels, additionally,reduces levels of bad cholesterol.

  • Help to treat neurological disorders, for example, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's ailments.

  • Cinnamon sticks can cure the bacteria Candida

  • Helpful in battling basic allergy symptoms since it reducesinflammation and battles histamine reactions in the body.

Interesting facts:

  • Cinnamon was used in old Egypt for the procedure of preservation the mummies and as an element of perfumes.

  • In the Old Testament of the Bible,there are references to cinnamon.

Methods of farming/ producing product:

When a cinnamon tree is around two years of age, cultivators slice the plant to the size of a stump and cover it with soil. This strategy causes it to develop like a bush, with new shoots rising out of the sides by the next year. After slicing, the shoots are stripped of their bark and the peels are placed to dry in the Sun. During the drying period, the bark twists into sticks by natural way.

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