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Castor Organic Oil

Inci: Ricinus Communis. 100% Pure, Cold Presseed & Unrefined

  • Rich in fatty acids that repair damaged skin and hair

  • Perfect for your homemade beauty products

  • Moisturizes dry and damaged hair and skin

This oil is rich in fatty acids (linoleic, palmitic, and ricinoleic) that are known to have a repairing and moisturizing effect on damaged hair and skin. Castor Organic Oil can be added to your homemade soaps, shampoos, and creams or added to other beauty products such as hair masks and balms to help hydrate and condition the skin and hair. It is often used in hair care products to promote growth and many also find it beneficial in the prevention of diaper rash and to help relieve other minor skin irritations. It is also a wonderful base for massage products to help relax and soothe tense muscles while keeping the skin soft and healthy. 

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Wick TCR 12/6
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Weight 800g