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Cardamom Powder / Cardamom Ground

Latin name: Elettariacardamomum

Plant Family: Zingiberaceae

Other names:
Bai Dou Kou, Black Cardamom, Cardamome, Cardamomo, Cardamome Noire, Cardamome de Sri Lanka, CardamomeVerte, Cardomom, Ela, Green Cardamom, HuileEssentielle de Cardamome,Elettariacardamomum, Indian Cardamom, Lesser Cardamom.

What is cardamon/cardamom?

Cardamom or cardamon is a spice with a strong resinous aroma and a sweet flavour. It is generally utilised as a part of Indian and Arabic cooking, both in sweet and flavorfuland savoury food and in beverages as well. Cardamom's powder is slightly sweet and spicy with citrus element tones.

Culinary uses of cardamom/cardamon grounded powder:

  • Cardamom powder is used as a part of Dutch windmill rolls and Scandinavian cakes.

  • Cardamom powder is frequently incorporated into Indian sweet dishes and beverages.

  • Often utilised as a part of pickles, particularly pickled herring.

  • Used in mulled wines and punches, especially with meat, shellfish and poultry.

  • Cardamom powder is a seasoning for Arab and Turkish coffee.

  • It can be found in many dishes, flavour blends, for example, many curries, garam masala, and masala chai.

Cardamom/cardamongrounded powderhealth benefits:

  • Cardamom helps gastrointestinal function.

  • Ability for cholesterol control.

  • Control of malignancy.

  • Relief from cardiovascular issues, and the circulation of blood in the body.

  • It is helpful for curing dental infections.

  • Very valuable for urinary tract diseases, for example, nephritis, gonorrhoea and cystitis.

  • Cardamom is used as a cure for erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation and impotency.

Interesting facts:
  • Evidence demonstrates cardamom to be one of the most beneficial herbs on the planet.

  • Cardamom is mentioned in 4th BC Sanskrit textsas amomon and kardamomon.

  • Methods of farming/ producing product:

    It develops in the tropic and wild areas. Compactleafy stalks develop from the plant base at ground level which bears the seed pods. The blooms of Cardamom are green with a white purple-veined tip. The plants are harvested in October-December, before they age, to keep away from splitting during thedrying period. The three seeds inside every pod, after drying on the Sun are ground into powder.

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