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Baby Powder Fragrance Oil

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The pampering scent of our Baby Powder Fragrance Oil evokes and instant feeling of comfort and calm. There’s nothing like the scent of baby powder to soothe the soul and warm the heart. A reminder of feeling loved and cradled, our Baby Powder Fragrance oil triggers an emotional response like no other scent can.

The soft, powdery scent is ideal for those looking for a scent that warms the heart and calms the nerves. Thanks to the versatility of our fragrance oils, you can enjoy this scent throughout your home by using it in an oil diffuser or atomiser. Our oils can also be added to your homemade potpourri and candles, or used to create your own soap.

This oil can also be blended with our other fragrance oils to create a customized scent. We suggest:

To add a floral tone, combine with Gardenia Fragrance Oil

For a fruity tone, combine with Apricot Fragrance Oil

Fancy a sweet tone, combine with Vanilla Fragrance Oil

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