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Our products may just change your life, hows that for a bold claim?..

We are a retailer selling natural ingredients at low prices, whether you're interested in making your own beauty products, using one of our many natural oils as a moisturiser for the face & body or trying to get rid of the dreaded infulenza, we are sure to have the right remedy to suit your requirement.

We have a firm belief that as we are all natural beings that are part of nature, surely it stands to reason that nature provides remedies and foodstuffs to help fight against and prevent illness, as well as helping keep our bodies looking and feeling healthy.

Natural products such as Essential Oils, Herbs, Spices and what are now know as 'Superfoods' have been helping us humans stay fit & healthy for thousands of years, at Buff & Butter we aim to supply you with the best products sourced from the best distilleries and farms worldwide, thus giving you access to nature's bounty at the click of a button.

Investing in your health now may just be the best investment for the future one could ever make.

Sharon & Lee